Connie by Michael Kahn
Michael Kahn The work of Michael Kahn represents his greatest passions: Boats, nature and photography. These passions collaborate into a perfect synthesis in his art. Images of antique boats from around the world and coastal landscapes are manipulated in the darkroom, resulting in the rich toned and technically advanced silver gelatin prints. Kahn’s process begins with a medium-format camera and black and white film. The image is projected onto pure fiber handmade paper, which has coating of gelatin- suspended light-sensitive silver grains. His technique is an elaborate, predetermined combination of exposure sequence, exposure time, and varied enlarger settings. Specific areas are lightened; others darkened. The print is further altered using the hands-on techniques of “burning and dodging.” When the exposure sequence is complete, the print is run through a series of developing chemicals, then washed for one hour, dipped into toning chemicals washed again, and finally air-dried. The warmth of the tone in Kahn’s prints is dependent upon the toning chemicals. Dilution, temperature, and length of suspension dictate the resulting hues. The difficult process Michael Kahn uses is a challenge to control and has a high rate of failure. These complexities limit production to small editions of 40 or 50. Within an edition, no image can be exactly duplicated. This hands-on process makes each Michael Kahn photograph essentially an original. Mr. Kahn’s work is part of a number of important collections including McGraw Hill and MBNA Bank. He has photographed, under assignment, for Exxon, Dupont, and Nations Bank. His prints are seen in set designs for films such as Message in a Bottle and an upcoming James Bond film. Michael and his work have been profiled and featured in publications such as a National Geographic, Coastal Living, Architectural Digest, and Sailing World.
Michael Kahn
Toned Silver-Gelatin Photograph
19" x 19"     Framed: 30" x 28"
     Edition of 50
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