Beach Clouds by Craig Mooney
Craig Mooney

Craig Mooney   Craig Mooney grew up in Manhattan and received his BA from Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. He has been painting full-time for the past ten years and has shown his work in national and international galleries. Mooney now lives in Stowe, Vermont, and is represented by Maine Art in Kennebunkport, DFN Gallery in New York, Enid Lawson Gallery in London, and additional galleries throughout the United States.   While Mooney enjoyed growing up in the city, he was also drawn to the openness of the countryside. His earliest art works were inspired by magazine photographs of just such spaces. Today, he paints his figures, city scenes, and landscapes entirely from imagination. Whether looking at one of his paintings depicting a woman reading, a man carrying an umbrella on a rainy day in the city, or a long urban vista, one thing is immediately apparent—Mooney is an unabashed romantic. Sunset Valley exemplifies the artist’s outlook as it applies to nature and is typical of his expansive landscapes dominated by radiant skies. The light-filled clouds seem to be moving above the land from which it is separated by an indistinct horizon line. An undefined body of water shimmers with a glint of sunlight. From a featureless green foreground, the image recedes into deep, open space. No part of this view is described in detail; rather, paint itself becomes just as much the subject. The starting points and lift-offs of individual brush strokes accentuate the fields of color and translate into visible energy. Mooney is a prolific painter, working on up to fifteen pieces at a time in his studio, a large, former warehouse without windows. As the artist describes it, he initially “creates a big mess of color” on each canvas which serves as a starting point for his compositions, going from chaos to order and then back to the looseness of pictorial description of his finished works. This process leaves its traces in a rich layering of paint. Mooney’s panoramic views are indistinct and mysterious enough for viewers to interpret them as scenes they have seen. “People have the feeling they have been there,” Mooney reports. “There is also a connection to the spiritual imbued in the skies, but not overtly.”

Beach Clouds
Craig Mooney
Oil on Canvas
46" x 46"     Framed: 46" x 46"
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